Thursday, 8 January 2009

New Year, New Insight??

Its New Year, year 2009... everyone comes up with their own resolution for the coming year... Every year the same thing happens all over again... sometimes i too got dragged into believing such practice.. i believed it was possible to live up to my resolution. So i just thought bout a few simple resolution last year.
1. be a more hard working student
2. attend lecture (most of it at least)
3. explore more bout indonesian ppl in jogja
4. sign up for a computer course

the month of last year, i was full of confidence and energy. Yes, i did attend most of my lecture first few months. Soon enough, i started to ignore all these resolution, i am back into my old routine(going to "selected" lecture only). About the 1st resolution, i came to a self-realization tat i am not hard working as others but yet i am smarter.. :P.. so y should i work hard if i could work smart. And there goes my 1st resolution, vanished into thin air just like that. 3rd resolution was a though one, getting to know more indonesian people... Of coz, i meet new people everyday but meeting does not count as knowing people. Thanks to some crazy idea bout France, and beloved buddies;dina and guna, i enrolled into French class. U know wat i cant say most of the french words(my tongue too used to my native language). My french teacher said all three of us speak like southern french which doesn't sound like the "offical french". Atleast, i did gain a lot of fren there and i could write and read french a bit. The 4th resolution , eventually i found i am too lazy to attend class in the afternoon or night.

I wonder why people set thier resolution for the whole year. From my personal experience, i realised my motivation level was high at begining but it started to go down as time goes on. I know many of u would disagree with me, saying u are more motivated and hard working than me. Let me ask u, have u ever thought bout all your resolution at the middle of the year? U might still remember a few but i believe not all. After all, we are still human. Human tend to forget fast.
Some of us will straightway go back to thier daily routine on the 2nd day of the year even though we wanted to be changed person. Wat to do... hmm.. let me give u a suggestion. why do u want to set resolution for the whole year. just set it for a shorter period maybe three months, 1 month or a week... since there is no rule when u should set ur resolution, feel free to set anytime, anywhere.

Live free, go with the flow..


Saturday, 31 May 2008

Brain Power and Memories(A review)

Dear reader,

I couldnt login into blogspot last few days. But finally i manage to share this post. Few days ago, i came across my fren's blog and i was greatly amazed with her style of writing. So i gonna share that post with u people. All the credit of the following post goes to my fren, WWW. Enjoy.

Brain Power-Memory Version

Needless to say, the abilty to memorise and output facts and statements are essential for the 'do or die' examinations to all students. Yet, an occuring problem is how do we increase human brain capacity to improve our memory? Afterall, i personally do not think we could just insert extra RAM/hard disk chip into human brain and expect it to perform like supercomputer.

Below are some steps suggested to help increase memory capacity:
1. Live a healthy life and have healthy intake of 'heavy commercialised and highly recommended by specialist' daily supplements. My advice is eat all 100%. If the first 50% is a scam and your memory still malfunction, at least the other 50% might work. [jk]

2. Memory power techniques. Eg. Mnemonics [And all other boring you probably knew it stuffs]

3. Constant revising and exposure to materials. Repetitive to a certain amount does work.

And where am i heading to? 3 minutes how to improve your memory crash course? LOL. Then with all of us these intellectual great memory power individual, how do you get rid yourself of unhappy memories in life ?

[ding dong bell] We all have our own story book of life. [Thank god grace i am not born colour blind, so i have a colourful book.] Everyone has their memories of good and bad, sad and happy, merry and lonely. How often can humans retain happy moments and discard unhappy times? I dare estimate 75% of us can: Remember all the drastic and painful moments better than happy laughter days.

Can you see the fallacy of improved human memory power now? People often get their heads stuck in unhappy past rather than move on with life. To err is humane. Hence, it is a natural course that we need to deal with painful man made mistakes. Some people get over it, but some have nightmares everyday. Because their memory are of excellence and they could not forget the bad times.

Well, my style of doing it depends on the ability of individual. [i have many a few several 'tips' on how to get rid of bad memories in life]

1. Overload yourself with negative memories that you suffer from drastic mental exhaustion. Once tired, you should be able to have a peaceful sleep. Of course, not recommended for people who are not used to mental exhaustion, because inability to recover from it will lead to severe brain damage.

2. Poisoned the bad memories with one bundle more of happy memories. Easy equilibrium: add alkaline to acid and balance it all up. This require a certain amount of experience because you need to be able to make sure you don't dwell in it too much. Sometimes, you might even need to do it from everyday.

3. Old saying that time will heals. Excellent, but how much time will that take me? Uncertain. A step to speed up the process will be to fastforward the time. Hide this bad memories deep inside your soul, until one day you are mature enough to handle it.

4. Diversion of energy in a very positive manner. Negative memories create bad expression of emotions. We need to discharge it in a constructive manner to create minimal impact on our surroundings. You may choose active games like basketball or even a short trip to swimming pool, good food and good time, shopping and playing. Spoil yourself a little but please do not over swap your plastic credit card. A gentle rest away from bad memories will provide you with sufficient time to rest and heal.

5. The more difficult way but probably the most effective and efficient one, well known as the easiest to say hardest to execute: Acceptance of the responsibility. Once accepted that there is a problem that creates dissatisfaction, go to the core of issue and resolve the matter. The first step itself is not even identification of problem BUT killing our ego to admit 'I have bad memory, bad time. How do i prevent from repeating it in future? [If step one to step four is 'to be forgetful'; step five now is 'to be preventive'] How do you accept that the bad memories occur because of self made mistakes? Zen Buddhism has this 'Just be' concept. Just be happy, just be optimist. Just accept it. Just do it. [ahahaha, told you it is not that easy]

Many people have many different way of tackling unhappiness. Some seek for reliance on historic figures, some seek assisstance from current social circle, others seek help from within themselves. I suggested five ways one may do to be self-sustain. And your choice is?

Making a decision to retreat or to move forward because of horrible past experience? To special suffering people, you are beautiful. Hold the head a little high up, walk up straight and talk like how you always talk. Are you a quitter or a loser? I was both, and still am now. But, I love my cool life.

Since this was a special dedication, it will end with a short verse rather than picture.

[Somebody visited nobody in the hall of silence]

Somebody: Life is hard.

Nobody: It is soft.

Somebody: Life is oval.

Nobody: It is chaotic.

Somebody: Life is sad.

Nobody: You mean grieve?

Somebody: Yes, and also depression and bitter moments.

Nobody: [giggles]

Somebody: You do not agree with me?

Nobody: Sadness is only but a mere art of perfection.

Somebody: [question mark over somebody head]

Monday, 19 May 2008

Young Indiana Jones

Hey ppl,
I have been watching this wonderful serial which i would seriously recommend for all those who thrist for general knowledge. Its called "Young Indiana Jones -Chronicles-". U can actually get it from Dhika once i finish with it. This serial is about Indiana Jones's life and mostly about his 1st world tour with his parents. This is where he makes a lots of frenz and learn various languages. But the main reason i recommend this serial is because it discuss about various subject in a simple way. For example,
1. The way to preserve a mummy in egypt
2. How to enjoy a Picasso's painting ( b4 this, i never really knew)
3. Love explained from various point of views (biological,art of
4. General idea about philosophy
5. Truth about theological thinking
6. Acupuncture
7. Revolution wars
All these are just an example and u can get more knowledge if u pay close attention.. =).. btw i just got to know even Dhika doesnt have all the episode (22).. they only have 4 disc... but since each episode is one and half hours long.. its worth it.. so ppl, hurry up and watch it.. before u guys watch the new Indiana Jones movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Imagination is more important than knowledge

This is one of my all time favourite quotes.. not because the person who said it is the greatest genius(personally i dont agree he is)... but because it is one of those quotes that fuels me to be a great thinker..

Its sad to admit but many of us, especially medical students failed to realise the ultimate truth.. The ultimate truth which has been the core of many great civilization... "Humans who want to achieve or begin something great in their life shall upheld their imagination higher than their knowledge"

Knowledge comes with edge which limits ur achievement... while imagination comes with gin (A machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers) which enable u to see ur true inner potential..

i'm not saying knowledge is not important.. its very important indeed.. as it provide a basic platform for u to think... but by emphasizing too much on knowledge and facts... doesnt really make u a great person.. let me give u an example.. Sir Isaac Newton.. when apple fell on his head, he could have just stick to his knowledge [tat apples are delicious and he should eat it].. obviously if he had done tat, he would have been just "another ordinary man".... but he choose to work his imagination based on the knowledge tat everything with a mass falls downward.. thus we have theory of gravity..

So ppl.. be try not to be too "skema" and demand only knowledge... try to add some spice by exploring existing facts with ur unlimited imagination.. who knows u might be the next greatest genius of all time.. ok ppl... i think i will end this post now.. and we can discuss further.. either personally or in the comment section..

Monday, 14 April 2008

Pre-invasion briefing

Dear faithful cronies,

This shall be our first official briefing before we start our invasion to this new world of great thoughts and ideas. Hereby i ask for ur pledge, loyalty and contribution to this mission. And before u do that, i hope to set some regulations on this exploration to make it a successful one.

  1. Plz always give some contribution (ideas, comment, opinion, strategy, or anything similar).
  2. Both positive and negative comments r welcome but plz post it in this blog so that i can keep track.
  3. Plz try not to be a silencer reader (i know u love this blog =p but i would love to have some response so that this "Mind Explorer V.2" can be made better).
  4. If u dont want to reveal ur real name, its fine with me... but plz do choose a nickname and stick to it whenever u comment in here.. so that i can really communicate with u.
  5. More to come.. plz obey by these few rules... thx for ur consideration..

Ur commander in Charge